Shakeology Cafe Latte


My daily go-to is Chocolate with 1/2 frozen banana and PB2 blended with lots of ice and water.  Delicious!  Tastes like a bad-for-you milkshake!  I also LOVE changing it up with the new Cafe Latte – I am BIG on coffee and this one is even good just on it’s own, shaken up with water and ice – like an iced latte!  YUM!


The 7th flavor in the Shakeology family, Café Latte, is now available (US only)!. The highly anticipated flavor for all our coffee lovers has the same protein blend and contains the same healthy ingredients you have come to love and expect from Shakeology. Everyone’s heard of the coffee bean, but are you aware that the red, fleshy fruit that surrounds it is actually a powerful superfood? Café Latte Shakeology now includes Whole Coffee Fruit, an incredible superfood, and has a rich, aromatic café latte flavor. Cafe Latte is made with whole coffee fruit, which is indigenous to India and Mexico; it’s the fruit that coffee beans come from. By sourcing whole coffee fruit for Shakeology, which is often discarded, we are minimizing our carbon footprint and increasing sustainable farming. We’ve also created a Barista Triple Combo Box that contains 24 single serving packets of Chocolate, Vanilla and NEW Cafe Latte (8 packs of each flavor). Now you can get your daily dose of dense nutrition in a variety of coffee–inspired shakes–all in one box.Shakeology Flavors


The key to wellness is your nutrition.  If you are working out an hour a day and then eating poorly, you will never see the results you are seeking.   I learned that the hard way!  Eating WELL and fueling your body with the nutrients and vitamins it requires is essential to keep your body functioning in peak condition.   Shakeology has really helped ME with making sure I keep my nutrition in check.   Here are some of the reasons I enjoy my Shakeology daily:

  • Bye bye sweet tooth!  Those sweet cravings are BRUTAL, but with the versatility of Shakeology, I can whip up a Shake recipe that tastes like I am drinking a plate of Snickerdoodle cookies or a thick chocolate banana milk shake.  YES.   I am serious.
  • Over 70 Superfoods Included – Shakeology consists of over 70 superfoods ground down from their original form.  
  • Nothing artificial and non-GMO – There aren’t and will never be any artificial ingredients in Shakeology.  No artificial sweeteners, dyes or colors.  No heavy metals.   
  • Shakeology helps keep me regular and has eliminated my IBS symptoms – TMI?  Maybe – but it is part of being healthy.
  • More energy!   I am constantly on the move with my little guys and I LOVE getting my Shakeology 

Shakeology-SamplesDo you need a shake to lose weight?  NO.   The primary purpose of Shakeology is about getting you the NUTRITION your body requires daily – it is full of vitamins and nutrients your body needs to perform at its peak!  I have more energy, I am happier, my cholesterol is lower, I am regular, my sweet tooth gets its fix and my skin even glows.   I have never ever been a daily shake girl until I started drinking Shakeology.  I love it.  It is like drinking a cheat meal.   This product is so versatile and there are so many different recipes – the possibilities are endless!

As a busy mom of 2 young boys, we are constantly on the go and they are into everything!   When it comes to mealtime, I need simple, healthy and fast.   Shakeology has been a great solution for my mid-day meal.  While the boys have their lunch, I blend my shake – they cover their ears and then ask me for a sip.  It’s so easy to blend up my shake and hit the road, too!

Darin Olien, the creator of Shakeology, says it best.   The question ‘What do we require?’ is what drives the research and composition of the ever-changing and improving Shakeology formula.  I had the opportunity to listen in on a call with Darin – it was fascinating.  He has traveled the world to find the absolute BEST ingredients to include in Shakeology.  

 [mk_blockquote style=”quote-style” font_family=”none” text_size=”20″ align=”left”]Shakeology constantly amazes me…I emailed my endocrine doc today and told her the news and asked her to look at my numbers to change my insulin pump settings.  Today my numbers were so low I had to go off eating plan to keep in normal range.  I am using less and less insulin!  All I can say is wow & thank you again.[/mk_blockquote]



Shakeology is consists of over 70 superfood ingredients from around the world.  This nutrient dense, superfood shake it in a class all of its own!  

The number of ingredients alone is impressive, but the QUALITY of ingredients used in Shakeology is truly what makes this superfood shake stand apart from all of the other ‘shakes’ on the market.   This isn’t a protein shake.  This isn’t a weight loss shake.  This is a complete nutrition shake. All of the ingredients use are naturally derived from the source and ground down into the powder delivered to your home.   There are no artificial sweeteners, it is a non-GMO product, gluten free, dye free, heavy metal free and preservative free.  WOW!  That is ‘free of’ a lot of stuff.  But do you know the cool part?  The flavor is not lacking.  Shakeology is DELICIOUS.  I would not drink it daily and share it with others if I thought otherwise!

Nutrition Information by Flavor

If you are interested in checking out a breakdown by flavor, look no further!   Nothing to hide!  


 Café LatteChocolate | Vanilla | Strawberry | Greenberry | Vegan Chocolate | Vegan Tropical Strawberry