Angela DimitreliasLet me start off my saying, I am still on my health and fitness journey.  I am still striving to reach my goals.  I have had great success with these programs and I have truly enjoyed the support as I cross each stepping stone along the way!   Fitness and nutrition, coupled with determination and motivation have been my reason for success.   But my WHY?   My REASON for doing this is so I can be healthy for my family and for ME – not just weight loss, but healthy from the inside out!

A Little Bit About Me

I am a midwest girl from Indiana.   I am a full-time working mommy of two boys, Zach and Noah.  I am a Corporate Marketing Manager for a global IT company and in my spare time I love to workout, help others and make delicious dinners.  I would love to say I cook wonderful meals every day – but I would be lying.  When I DO have time, I really enjoy it and always say I need to cook MORE.

My friends and family would tell you I am organized, I am very Type A and I love to cook!  I will tell you I am motivated, caring and love helping others.   🙂

The Early Years

A little #TBT. WAY back! The girl on the left was feeling super uncomfortable in her own skin at a super fun summer pool party. That smile is masking low self esteem, low confidence and a teenage girl who wished she could rock a cute swimsuit like her friends. I hate this photo of me. But it certainly is a great reminder of how far I have come and how much I have grown as a person. The woman on the right? Confident. Happy. Healthy. Fit. For the first time, ever. Its a journey. It's a healthy lifestyle change. It's about getting out of your own way and making a commitment to yourself! I want to invite you to say yes. To start your own journey with me as your coach. Email me for more info #yestoyou #yesyoucan #yestoyourhealth #myjourney #fitmom #fitmomangelad #summeriscoming #swimsuit #poolside #beachready #21dfx #results #loseweight #loseinches #gethealthy #eatclean #eatrealfood #nutrition #pooltime #tbt #worthit #pushplay #noexcuses #progresspics #neversaynever #igfit #igfitmoms #fitspo #fitafterbaby

You know that first time you look in the mirror and see something you don’t like?   When does that start?  For me, it was a fairly young age.  I was in Junior High.   I remember feeling like the bigger friend even though I was never severely overweight – I was never happy with my appearance.  I was the bigger girl on the cheerleading squad and remember, vividly, the first time I realized size numbers were a ‘thing’ at the cheerleading uniform fitting.   So many of the other girls were size 0, 1 or 3.  I was a 10.  I realize now, at that moment, I had crossed into a new territory of self image.  I didn’t know how to fix this so, I didn’t what I could with what I had.  I tried to eat less at meal time but I wasn’t eating HEALTHY foods.   I had issues controlling my portion sizes.   I was on the yo-yo diet – all through middle school, high school and college.   In high school, I turned to my mom for help.  She had always worked out and ate healthy.   I started working out and we signed up at a few different weightloss centers over the years.  I was not successful with those programs.  I tried everything from fad diets, weightloss centers, the grapefruit diet, to diet pills (YES, Scary!).  I always gained back any weight I lost and managed to pick up a few extra pounds along with that.  The picture to the right shows you that I was never BIG, but this was me in high school – poor nutrition, no portion control and low self esteem. (don’t make fun of my super awesome glasses!!)  🙂    

My freshman year of college, I gained 25 pounds.  I came home for summer and I was depressed.  I struggled with my weight due to stress, having access to unhealthy foods 24/7 and being in a bad relationship until the summer before my Senior year.   I remember watching TV in my room while I was home from college in the summer of 2005 – I saw an infomercial for Turbo Jam with Chalene Johnson – I found myself watching this infomercial for a long time because it looked like so much fun!   I was intimidated!!  It looked like a lot of choreography and I didn’t think it was for me and changed the channel.  

Enter: Beachbody

In August, 2006, I met my now-husband and was introduced to his co-workers wife, Mandy, who was a Turbo Kick instructor at a local gym.   She invited me to practice with her one afternoon.  I was intimidated, but thought ‘what do I have to lose!?’   I went and LOVED IT!  I was hooked!   I started working out with the Turbo Jam DVD’s and also did some personal training.   In 2009, when we got married, I was at the lowest I had been in as long as I can remember.  I was happy, I felt good about myself.  My husband and I later started P90X together – it was fun working out with him!  I felt strong and I was proud of the progress I made with that program.

In 2011, I was pregnant with our first son.  I was still able to do my Turbo Jam DVD’s with modifications through out my pregnancy.   It was fun!

Babies are little miracles and I have never loved someone else so much, but in addition to welcoming our son, I also welcomed about 30 6 monhts after babypounds of unwanted weight.   We were in the (stressful) process of moving, adjusting to life with a new baby, working full time.  I was tired.   Life happened, right?  I saw a photo of myself when my son was almost 7 months old.  I was horrified.  I cried.  YES.  Cried.   (the photo of myself that brought me to tears is to the right – the coral top.  We were unpacking at our new home and my hubby snapped a photo)  In true Angela form, I decided to do something about it.    I got started on Turbo Fire and never looked back.  I lost the baby weight and then some by November of that year, just before his first birthday.   I also started running.   I decided to train for a 1/2 marathon that winter.   I trained with my good friend Mandy, who had also just had a baby a month before Zach was born.   We ran it together and I finished without stopping.   A feat that I never thought possible.  I was proud of myself.   I was leaner than I had been since my husband and I got married.  

Later that year, I found out I was pregnant again!  I decided to make this pregnancy a fit pregnancy.  I tried to eat healthy and more balanced meals.  I worked out and RAN during my pregnancy.  I ran in 4 different 5K races – one of which I was the top finisher in my age bracket!   I was thrilled.  An icy winter soon brought my running to a halt.   I was still able to work out, but everything was modified.  I continued to eat healthier than my first pregnancy, but then somehow gained 50 pounds – 5 pounds more than what I gained with Zach.   Noah arrived at the end of March…a 9.5 pound baby – NO WONDER!!!   I made it my goal to see how fast I could get my body to bounce back.   I wasn’t going to do anything extreme.  I wasn’t going to starve myself.  I couldn’t.  I was still nursing a baby – I was his source of nutrition!   I wanted to do it the healthy way.  I had asked for Focus T25 for Christmas that year from my parents who happily purchased it for me.  I decided I was going to start with T25 after getting the all clear from my doctor. I had heard about something called a challenge group – I decided to join to see what it was all about.  The motivation that came from that was unparalleled.  I had my own cheer section through my phone!  It was fantastic!  I had something holding me accountable besides myself!  

Making Some BIG Changes

8-month-difference I decided to take my journey a step further by signing up as a coach as I felt  this would add an extra ‘layer’ of accountability for myself.  I dove right in – ordered Shakeology and stuck to it.  Every day.  I would not let myself fail.  It was an investment in myself and I didn’t want to make a BAD investment. When I started the T25 program, I did a lot of the workouts with the modifier until my muscles got stronger.  PHEW!   I got through Alpha Round and moved on to Beta.  Loved it.  Gamma round (round 3) was amazing – I felt STRONG.  I couldn’t believe I stuck with the program – all 3 months.  I had NEVER devoted myself to a program like that.  I NEVER missed a work out and I always made time for myself to get it in – it was/is my ME time!   I had also never worked out so consistently before!  I lost over 20 inches and 11 pounds.  I was thrilled but at the same time, I had worked REALLY hard and I wasn’t sure why I wasn’t seeing the drastic results I did on some other people doing the same program.  

I decided I needed to start really focusing on my nutrition.  Something I had never really done.  I always ‘ate healthy enough’.  I made excuses.  ‘I am nursing still, I can eat that’ or ‘I worked out today, one more is fine’.   NO NO NO!!!   That mentality was derailing me and I didn’t even realize it!!   I knew I had to do something.  

Enter 21 Day Fix

I had seen a lot of my friends and fellow coaches have a lot of success with the 21 Day Fix program – a program that really focuses on nutrition and portion sizes as well as 30 minute daily workouts.   I knew this was my next step to get me to my goal.  It was time to look this ugly beast (food) in the face and figure out where I was going wrong.   I cut out anything that was not considered clean.   I followed the plan.  I learned about portion sizes and the number of portions I should be having daily for ME.   It was truly eye-opening.   After 2 rounds of the 21 Day Fix, I lost 14 pounds and 13 inches.

FixExtreme_Feb15_FrontIn February, 2015, some of my friends and I ordered the 21 Day Fix Extreme when it launched.  We got started and checked in with each other every day.  We held each other accountable.  We did not cheat.   The workouts were more difficult and by week 3, I was no longer modifying.  I felt strong.  My body was lean.  When I saw my after photos, I HAD ABS.  Yes.  For the first time EVER, I saw my abs! 

In just 11 short months, I lost 26 pounds and 36 inches.  GONE.   All because I said YES.  Yes to myself.  Yes to my family.  Yes to this new opportunity to help others.   I am now below my pre-pregnancy weight and ready to tackle my next goal.   What are your goals?  Let me help you reach them!   I have some fantastic challenge groups I would love to add you to.   They are perfect places for motivation, support and recipe ideas all from others doing the same workout program you are doing!  The formula for success!!