22 Minute Hard Corps


Legendary trainer Tony Horton has created a challenging but simple-to-follow workout program inspired by training techniques used by the military. Each workout in 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS is a quick—and intense—calorie-blasting drill designed to get you “boot camp fit” in just 8 weeks. You just show up, keep up, and get in shape!

About Your PT Instructor, Tony Horton

Throughout the past 15 years, Tony Horton has toured dozens of military bases all over the world, helping troops train to their maximum fitness potential. In 22 Minute Hard Corps, he’s made it his mission to bring military-style workouts to everyone. Now it’s your mission to give him every rep.


What makes 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS effective and unique?

You get eight short workouts, 6 days a week—so your mind never gets bored, and your body never adapts. The workouts feature a unique blend of cardio and resistance training that targets multiple major muscle groups in your body and can help you get shredded fast.

Tony puts getting “boot camp fit” within the reach of anyone willing to commit to 8 weeks of serious training and nutrition. And he gives you all the tools you need to power through the program—including a modifier version of every exercise, that you can follow until you’re up to speed with the rest of the platoon. So with 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS, you get a program that works your whole body with moves that are tough enough to challenge you, but are straightforward enough for you to do on Day One.

What’s in the 22 Minute Hard Corps Base Kit?

DVD Workouts

You’ll rotate through a series of total-body workouts designed to maximize strength gains and fat loss within the 22-minute workout window, with the goal of getting epic results in just 8 weeks.

Fitness Tools
  • Quick Start Mission Guide – Here are the simple steps to make 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS fully operational. Take your PT Fit Test, so you can track your progress. 
  • Basic Training Action Plan – With this 8-week calendar, Tony makes it easy to plan your workouts and track your success!
  • Rations for Results and Nutrition Field Guide – A basic but satisfying nutrition plan that lays out the three squares and two snacks you’ll need for the mission ahead. It makes meal prep easy so you can get back to the business of getting results.
Bonus Gifts
  • Hell Week Challenge Card – Test your limits with a two-a-day Challenge Week after your 8 weeks are through, and push your results from great…to absolutely epic.
  • Cold Start Pre-Workout Drill – Fire this up before you get down to business to get your body ready for the challenge ahead.
Deluxe Kit 

In addition to everything featured in the Base Kit, you get an 8-lb. medicine ball along with 4 advanced workouts designed around this piece of equipment. You’ll also receive an extra set of 7 color-coded containers for more convenient meal planning and cleanup


When you purchase 22 Minute Hard Corps and check out the Free 30 day trial of the Premium Team Beachbody Club membership, you’ll get unlimited access to Beachbody On Demand, where you can stream 22 Minute Hard Corps and hundreds of proven Beachbody workouts via any desktop, tablet, TV, or mobile device—wherever you have an internet connection. Just look for “Purchased Programs” on Beachbody On Demand to stream your 22 Minute Hard Corps workouts.


22 Minute Hard Corps FAQ

Q. What’s included in the 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS Challenge Pack?

  • 8 challenging workouts on 2 DVDs
  • Quick Start Mission Guide
  • 8-week Basic Training Action Plan
  • Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide
  • Cold Start pre-workout drill
  • Hell Week Challenge Card
  • Free Bonus DVD! Battle Buddy Workout
  • 30-Day Supply Shakeology
  • Free 30-Day Premium Club Membership including access to live streaming via Beachbody On-Demand
  • Access to my Test Group launching on March 14th!
  • Me as your FREE Coach!

22 Minute Hard Corps

***There is also the 22 Minute Hard Corps Performance Pack which contains everything listed above, but instead of Shakeology, you would get Beachbody Performance Energize and Recover.

Q. Is there a Team Beachbody exclusive you order 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS through me?

Customers who purchase 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS through me will get a FREE bonus DVD—HARD CORPS: Battle Buddy Workout (a $19.95 value)! The secret to mission-ready results…is teamwork! Pair up with a “Battle Buddy” to take on this calorie-scorching, partner-based workout challenge.

Q. Who is 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS for?

Anyone who’s looking for an easy-to-learn, straightforward workout program that still delivers great results in just 22 minutes a day. As legendary trainer and 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS creator Tony Horton says, “All you have to do is show up, keep up, and you WILL get in shape.”

Q. Are these real “boot camp” workouts?

The 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS workouts were inspired by Tony’s time spent training U.S. servicemen and women to their maximum fitness potential. They combine the no-nonsense simplicity of military PT (Physical Training), with Tony’s personal expertise in functional fitness and creating quick workouts that deliver great results in a short amount of time.

Q. What equipment will I need?

  • A pull-up bar or resistance band and door attachment
  • A Beachbody® PT Sandbag or dumbbells

Q. Can I stream my 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS workouts?

Yes! If you purchase 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS and become a Premium Team Beachbody Club member, you’ll get unlimited access to Beachbody On Demand, where you can stream 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS and hundreds of proven Beachbody workouts via any TV, desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device—wherever you have an internet connection. Just look for “Purchased Programs” in Beachbody On Demand to access 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS.

22 Minute Hard Corps

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